Видео: (200th Video) LEGO Dimensions Portal 2 Level Pack Minikit Event

Lego Dimensions - Portal 2 Level Pack: ALL MINIKITS & RESCUE: SPACE SPHERE - Aperture Science 100%

Guide to all Minikits and the Rescue of the Space Sphere in the Portal 2 Level Pack called "Aperture Science" All Guides, Abilities ...

LEGO Dimensions Portal 2 Level Pack All 10 Minikits / Space Sphere in Peril

Minikit #1 3:05 Minikit #2 7:07 Minikit #3 8:03 Minikit #4 10:35 Minikit #5 12:13 Sphere in Peril 16:45 Minikit #6 14:12 Minikit #7 ...

LEGO Dimensions Getting the Final Gold Brick in the Portal 2 World

In this I get the Final Gold Brick in the Portal 2 World of LEGO Dimensions!!!

Portal 2 Level Pack - Aperture Science 100% Complete Playthrough - Lego Dimensions - All Minikits!

Thanks for watching! Check back for more Unboxings, Guides & Gameplay! Subscribe To Our Channel: ...

LEGO Dimensions Portal 2 Level Pack | Review & Gameplay

A review and speed build of the LEGO Dimensions Portal 2 Level Pack (71203) and gameplay footage of the level "A Portal 2 ...

LEGO Dimensions - ALL MINIKITS & RESCUE - Aperture Science Enrichment Centre - Part 7: Starter Kit

The Abilities and Minifigures you will need to collect all Minikits and get the Rescue. I am completing this list here with Minifigures ...

Portal 2 Level Pack - Aperture Science Collectibles - Minikits - LEGO Dimensions

All collectibles for Aperture Science, the Portal 2 level pack stage in LEGO Dimensions. Including minikit, and character rescue ...

LEGO® DIMENSIONS™ Portal 2 level

Part 1.5 LEGO DIMENSIONS https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-us/tid=CUSA00935_00.

LEGO Dimensions Portal 2 Minikit Event (ASEC)

Here is the Minikit Event for the Aperture Science Enrichment Center Level in LEGO Dimensions, which is actually a quest.

LEGO Dimensions : "Portal 2" (Free World)

Pour un guide précis d'achat pour LEGO Dimensions, c'est ici ...

LEGO Dimensions Portal 2 & Mission Impossible All CutScenes & Ending 4k Ultra HD 2160p

What's up everybody! :) In this video I'll show you the all Cut Scenes & Ending for Portal 2 & Mission Impossible in LEGO ...

Lego Dimensions: portal assembly.

Hello, Lego fans! In this part I show how I built the portal machine! Subscribe to my channel, press the "like" button (even if you ...

LEGO® DIMENSIONS portal 2 level shell and robin

LEGO® DIMENSIONS https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-ie/tid=CUSA01176_00.


LEGO DIMENSIONS: Level Pack Portal 2: Aperture Science. [Guía 100%] Chell y Weathley se adentran en las instalaciones de ...

Lego Dimensions - Portal 2 Pack COMPLETE

Chell, Wheatly and GLaDOS return, albeit briefly, in the hyper-expensive Lego Dimensions. Have a look at the entire game.

LEGO Dimensions | Portal Toy Pad E3 2015 Trailer

GLaDOS and Wheatly are back in the Lego Dimensions Portal Set. Complete various challenges that will wrack your brain as you ...

LEGO Dimensions Ghostbusters & Portal 2 Story Levels Walkthough

What's up everybody! :) In this video ill show you Ghostbusters & Portal 2 Levels in LEGO Dimensions Story Mode!

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