Видео: Fenix TK72R / Manker MK35 - Beamshot-Vergleich

Fenix TK72R and Manker MK35

https://www.muelleroutdoor.ch https://www.fenixschweiz.ch.

Fenix TK72R und Manker MK35

Weitere Infos unter: https://www.fenixschweiz.ch https://www.muelleroutdoor.ch

Fenix TK72R - Imalent DT35 - Manker MK35

Imalent DT35: - 8500 Lumen - 258000cd - 1000m Leuchtweite Manker MK35: - 2550 Lumen - 504100cd - 1420m Leuchtweite ...

One MILLION candelas SUPERTHROWER - Manker MK35 II

Manker MK35 II 1000000 candelas 2000 meters beam distance Online store Switzerland: https://www.muelleroutdoor.ch.

sl Manker MK35 der Super Thrower

sl Manker MK35 der Super Thrower http://www.selected-lights.de http://www.gadgets-for-men.de http://www.die-besten-lampen.de ...

9000 lumens Fenix TK72R

This torch is straight out of a Science Fiction movie with its 3 LED's in a triangle form giving it a cool futuristic look, combine that ...

Fenix LR40R LED flashlight - beamshots - ENGLISH edition

More information: https://www.fenixschweiz.ch video in Swiss German: https://youtu.be/h0OzPBC86tk.

Manker MK35 II Super Thrower mit 6000 Lumen

Manker MK35 II Super Thrower mit 6000 Lumen zum Shop: ...

Fenix TK72R and Imalent RT35 - Beamshot Comparison

Fenix TK72R https://www.fenixschweiz.ch/de/Fenix-TK72R.html 9000 lumens 20500 cd Imalent RT35 https://www.imalent.ch/de ...

IWA 2017 Special: Fenix Neuheiten HL26R, TK72R, TK47

IWA 2017 Special: Fenix Neuheiten HL26R, TK72R, TK47 Vielen Dank an Bernd Auler von der Fenix GmbH für die Vorstellung.

Manker MK35 Taschenlampe - 1420m Reichweite

Weitere Infos im Onlineshop unter: https://www.muelleroutdoor.ch.

A new mini thrower on the market - beamshots - Manker U22 II

https://www.muelleroutdoor.ch https://www.fenixschweiz.ch

Showdown of the FENIX TK72R - LED flashlight

Onlineshop: https://www.fenixschweiz.ch

OVER HEATED FAIL Manker MK35 Toasted.

It just happened, i've load Olight HDC batteries in it and boom! Toasted. Manker MK35 ใส่แบ็ต 18650 HDC เข้าไป กิดสวิช ...

The Manker MK35 One of the Best Long Range Tactical Flashlights Reviewed

If you need a well built LED flashlight for long range spotting, the Manker MK35 is one of the best on the market. This ...

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